Thursday, 16 May 2013


Today I wore my Black Milk Clothing Liquid Gold leggings, I love these - honestly, they are so shiny, and fun to wear, and if you haven't got a pair of leggings from Black milk yet go and get some! The jacket you have seen before, it's from Forever21, and although I dont shop there much their clothes are so reasonably priced it's unreal (perfect for those days you have very little money but need a new top or handbag). The shirt is from Romwe (one of my favourite online stores), it's very sheer and has a cool sudded collar with golden studs, a great way to add a hint of 'punk' to any outfit.

I also have a discount deal for all my readers! Romwe has three great "Money Off" deals, perfect for students like me who are looking to save a few bucks! Click here to view their endless range of stylish clothing and if you spend:

over $60 you get $10 off
over $100 you get $20 off

over $150 you get $30 off

Hope you like my look, do you guys have a favourite picture? Do any of you have a favourite pair of leggings from Black Milk Clothing? What is your favourite online site?

Quick Tip - Mush up some avocado and rub it onto your legs for super smooth, soft skin. Leave it on for 15 mins for the best results! 

Stay tuned for more looks, reviews, and quick tips! 

Thanks for reading :) 

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