Monday, 14 January 2013

New Years Resolution.

Were at the start of the New Year. 2013. The big thirteen. We've surpassed the Mayans predictions of the end of the world, R Patz and K Stew have broken up and ‘made up’, and we've left yet another model of iPhone behind. So with our Christmas iPhone 5’s at the ready, we are ready to commence forth into the New Year, a hopefully bigger and better year for all of us. 

New Year’s resolutions are another thing that every year we make and very often break, but this year, rather than opting for my usual and, may I add, very generic, get fit and healthy resolutions, I have decided to dedicate my life to my blog and make more frequent posts. It has indeed been a very, very long time since I last posted here and I feel terrible. My life has been super busy leading up to Christmas with exams and University applications and interviews and moving countries and leaving friends and leaving my boyfriend behind in New Zealand… the list goes on. But if I’m completely honest, I've still neglected my blog even on my less busy days. And that’s not on. 

So here I am, 14/01/2013, ready to make a change. After I graduated High School, a graduation I couldn't go to due to an interview in the UK for Cambridge University, my life became even more busy and stressful than it was during exams. I had one week left with my friends and boyfriend, and in this time had to pack my belongings up in storage and leave behind 95% of my beloved clothes, and study for my interview. Too many things to do in too little time. However, I managed it. Stressful as it was, I’m alive I’m and finally in Dubai with my family for a well-deserved and well needed relaxing 9 month holiday. 

So this is what I've been up to.

1) Christmas Day.
Had traditional Christmas dinner, turkey with all of the trimmings, after a relaxing day on the beach. Opened presents in the morning, jumping on the iPhone 5 bandwagon and gaining a pair of Dr Dre Beats. 

2) New Years Eve/Day.
Relaxed at home all day, chatted to my boyfriend in New Zealand  then got ready for the night. Went to a local hotel for a buffet meal with my family, then to the bar upstairs for a drink and a dance. Made new years resolution to dedicate my life to my blog. 

Since then... I've basically just done nothing.

However, before Christmas I did a photo shoot for a salon back in Kerikeri which I've been dying to show you. It was for their spring/summer hair styles and I got the chance to work with some lovely ladies at Northland Hair Company. This salon is great, the staff are super friendly and definitely know their stuff and i would recommend them to anyone. 

The hairstyle is edgy and fun and I love the violet and copper hues. What do you think? Its fading now and I'm thinking of going back to being blonde again (indecisive I know) just because I'm in Dubai and the sun fades my red hair really quickly, so there will definitely be more hair posts soon. 

So, this is it, I'm back. This time I promise it will be for the long run. So stay tuned in, and follow and like my blog for more and more photos and news from Dubai. :) 


  1. First, I love your hair. Your present was a Iphone 5 really cool... I wanna that too (just kidding), but I wanna LOL...
    Nice look.

    Wild Foxx

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