Saturday, 2 June 2012


Hey guys, Just got back from Auckland this weekend did a little bit of shopping and watched my mum and brother audition for the play Oliver. I bought a woolly coat and some snake print jeans from Lippy and came to the conclusion that my favourite store in NZ is Wildpair, its just got all the types of clothes I love. Its fab. I'll show you some photos of my purchases soon. In the mean time this is what I looked like the other day in Auckland, got a few points and stares due to the amazing Purple Galaxy's from Blackmilk. The shirt is gorgeous and is featured in my romwe product review which i'll show you if i ever manage to get it uploaded. There will be close up photos of all my Romwe products and links to the site in my next post which will let you see them more closely. Its freezing today, and i havent had any cups of tea as we've ran out of teabags, so i'm feeling seriously deprived :( The earrings, ring, shirt are from Romwe, the leggings blackmilk and my socks are from Asos. :) Now i'm off to go hang out some washing, and then hopefully relax and continue reading my book The Man From Beijing by Henning Mankell.


  1. I legit LOVE this outfit babe! 100% gorge. xx

  2. You look hot girl, you really do!

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  3. I love them - I would be staring but with jealousy!!!

  4. beauty! these shots are super pretty ! you have a really interesting and nice look!!!! ps love the leggings!

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