Sunday, 27 May 2012


Hey guys! I recently have been loving the ombre hair trend, and really want to do something new with my hair. I have been experimenting a bit with my hair recently, and although I know its probably not good for my already-damaged-from-bleach hair I just wanted to try out the colours on my hair for minimum cost and easy to washout. So I tried adding yellow food colouring to the ends of my hair, which I've got to admit, looked pretty awesome! It was so bright and bang on the neon trend, but at the same time, it was quite unnoticeable as it isn't a bold colour like red or blue. Right now, I have pink underneath my hair, its a bit rubbish though, I didn't do it properly so its half faded half bright. Oh well, I'll wash it out tomorrow. I'll give you guys a tutorial as how to dip dye your hair with food colouring if you like? Its pretty simple and great if you want a quick hair colour change for a night out. Anyway, I'm thinking that when I next go and get my roots re-bleached, as I'm looking a little odd with black roots and blonde hair, I think I will get a coloured toner - probably pink. Here are some photos I really love. Give me your thoughts on them, you never know, next week I may have the hair that you have chosen!
Thanks for all your lovely comments and support! Halina xx


  1. Ombre hair is really cute, I love the pink one, but being a redhead it's pretty hard to make it work :).

  2. I love this trend and hope it lasts for a long time.Looking forward to your tutorial.xx