Saturday, 19 May 2012

Guess What?

Hey guys, today is Sunday and i should be sitting at home doing art painting, art history assessments and an English essay for tomorrow but instead I'm blogging. I think this time its okay though, I owe my blog - and you guys too - a lot more attention at the moment as i've really neglected it for about a month now! And what better start than with a new post and new look for the Guess competition?! I am wearing my Gerard Darel high waisted jeans and top shop sheer blouse, they go so well together and I feel like someone straight out of the 70s. I have been holding back from buying more Black milk leggings this week, I need to wait just a little longer until their new collection at the start of next month. It's killing me! Anyway, when I get my parcel from romwe next week i'm going to do something a bit different, i'm going to be making a 'vlog' on the pieces I bought and give you guys some info and advice on these products. I'm really looking forward to it! Thanks everyone who supports my blog and thank you for all your lovely comments

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