Sunday, 1 April 2012

Art Art Art

Hey guys, so this weekend i was both working and doing school work. I was focusing on my art design lesson and i drew this feather pattern thing. I hope you like it! It took me a while i cant doodle at all, it takes a lot of focus for me haha. I also, for art painting, drew this old man, it's not finished yet though and by my track record of not finishing art work it never will get finished :) Ill post a new look tomorrow i think, sorry for the delay i have just been having camera troubles and a lack of motivation over this weekend :(


  1. The feather looks beautiful!

  2. Found your blog on IFB and love it!!
    Followed you, hope you do the same:)

  3. I love the feather doodle! While I love doodling, mine are always super messy and I can never achieve that kind of detail and intricacy ;_;
    I emailed you volunteering to be featured on this blog; if you're interested at all, do get back to me! =D

    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x