Saturday, 3 March 2012


Today this is my look, My grandma, great aunty and uncle went back to the UK today so its been quite a sad weekend for me. But i'm excited because i get to go shopping tomorrow and so mor new clothes will be on the way. I hate shopping in shops, i never ever buy anything, unless im on my own so i can concentrate. And thats exactly what i did last weekend in Whangarei. I bought bought bought until my pockets were empty. But this is a new week, i have my new paycheck and i can therefore buy new clothes :) I hope you like this look guys :) 
Skirt, shirt - Glassons

Shoes - Warehouse
Necklace - ASOS


  1. I love this outfit. Beautiful neautral colors!

  2. Perfect outfit, love the color scheme! You are so adorable!

    My family was going to move to New Zealand a few years ago because my dad had a job offer there...but we didn't end up moving there after all. It looks so beautiful though and I would like to visit sometime!