Monday, 26 March 2012

Chain it up

Hey guys, this is a new pair of leggings from topshop. Oh i love them. Nice and comfy. I am considering dip-dyeing my hair sometime soon, any ideas for colours? This week ive set myself the challenge of doing a self portrait of myself when i was about 4, its a bit hard but its coming on quite well. :) Ill show you guys the end product if it turns out okay! :) have a wonderful day guapas! 


  1. Hi Halina! I just found your blog because you commented in a post I started on IFB. You have such a cute blog and great style! I'm now following :)

    Cup of Tea

    1. Hi Julia, Thank you so much! You have such a cute blog too! i love your tea time theme. Your posts are so adorable like the playlist one and the guests that feature on your blog. :)
      Im now following your blog too :)