Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Ready for the weekend - Calvin Harris High contrast Remix

Good afternoon :) Ive just got home from a long and tiring day of school and finished watching Misfits  - i love it so much. I got this beautiful cardi from topshop, in the sale reduced from £75 to £20. Bargain. So this is pretty much what i looked like at school today. Today ive been listening to some new music, its great, im getting into genesis and Nightbox remix lights' - Toes. Check them out! 

Monday, 26 March 2012

Chain it up

Hey guys, this is a new pair of leggings from topshop. Oh i love them. Nice and comfy. I am considering dip-dyeing my hair sometime soon, any ideas for colours? This week ive set myself the challenge of doing a self portrait of myself when i was about 4, its a bit hard but its coming on quite well. :) Ill show you guys the end product if it turns out okay! :) have a wonderful day guapas! 

Sunday, 25 March 2012


Hola Guapas! Sorry i haven't been posting much recently, ive been focusing on school work etc. and trying to sort out my life next year for uni! Exciting stuff! So this dress i got a while back, i love it. It's from asos its so chic and simple, great for summer and easy to wear in winter if you add a cardi :) And of course my beloved pink bag! I really really want a Furla candy bag, but i do love my asos version! Hope you like!
Ciao x

Monday, 12 March 2012

Sky Ferreira - Animal (Miike Snow Cover)

Hello Beautiful! Its a gorgeous day today and i didn't have to start school until 10am which was good :) I am off babysitting today for my mums friend - they're in a play together. Just listening to a bit of Miike Snow right now, i love it. I miss my music from my iPod - the centre button wouldn't work so I'm now saving up for an iPhone 4 or maybe just an iPod touch I cant choose yet. This week I discovered the AMAZING Samuel Beckett plays, they're so intense it's mesmerising! 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Cold - A beautiful excuse to wear vintage jumpers.

Hey guapas, I've just got back from camp with school and the little year 7s. It was so cold raining all day and freezing winds! So i was cold all the time. Luckily the camp was cut short and we went home after one night due to the bad weather. But i'm actually so happy that its finally getting colder, i love the winter and i have many warm outfits that i don't often get to wear in New Zealand so its giving me the perfect opportunity. Hope you like my vintage jumper! 

Monday, 5 March 2012


The Sky Tower

Robbie (my little brother and photographer) posing like the mannequins 

Auckland Skyline

Robbie and I at Mission Bay

In the trees at Mission Bay

My wonderful Lemon & Lime Movenpick Ice Cream

Mum and Robbie with chocolate and caramel ice creams from Movenpick

At the Fountain at Mission Bay

Hey guys, this is what i got up to today. Had a day off school to go to Auckland for a meeting with an agency, then drove around a bit with my mum and brother. We went to Mission Bay, it was so nice! I miss swimming when i see the sea so beautiful and shiny. It was such a gorgeous day too so it made it extra wonderful. We went to the beach at Mission Bay, played in the trees and had a walk along the promenade, where we got movenpick ice cream yum. :) I got lemon and lime, it was so delicious and tasted fizzy. Then we went to the shopping mall in Albany, i've never been there before and was so excited to see a proper beauty store - its been so long! I was gutted though because i forgot my purse so i couldn't buy anything, but there is always next time... Here we went and got Chinese food (also not had in a long long time) it was delicious. On our way to and from Auckland between helping my mum learn her lines for her up and coming play we listened to the Ricky Gervais Audiobooks, i love them! They are my favourite thing to listen to at the moment you should check them out if you haven't already! 

Saturday, 3 March 2012


Today this is my look, My grandma, great aunty and uncle went back to the UK today so its been quite a sad weekend for me. But i'm excited because i get to go shopping tomorrow and so mor new clothes will be on the way. I hate shopping in shops, i never ever buy anything, unless im on my own so i can concentrate. And thats exactly what i did last weekend in Whangarei. I bought bought bought until my pockets were empty. But this is a new week, i have my new paycheck and i can therefore buy new clothes :) I hope you like this look guys :) 
Skirt, shirt - Glassons

Shoes - Warehouse
Necklace - ASOS