Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Imperial Peacock.

Hey guys! This is my most recent look, you've probably seen it on lookbook first as i forgot to make a post for this one the other day on my blog. This dress i bought especially for school i love love love the pattern and colours it's soo pretty and it reminds me of a peacock. And of course, my shoes.. Aren't they gorgeous!? I have to say it seems i'm heading towards being one of those people who spends all their earnings on clothes and shoes and ends up having a special walk-in wardrobe just for shoes. I don't mind though, I love a good pair of heels, i'm sure you'd agree. This week i've been back at school, I'm a year 13 now so no more uniform, but there are still restrictions on the dress code. When I was shooting for this look it was just about to start getting dark and out came the Mozzies! Now I have hundreds of mosquito bites on my legs, its so sore :( Looks like i'll be wearing trousers for a while. Anyway, hope you like the look :) 

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