Monday, 2 January 2012

Vintage Midi

My new look, i bought this skirt from my local charity store for $4 and i loved it, until i tried it on and my mum went 'oh, no! You look frumpy' - thanks mum. Bought it anyway, and having not worn it since i bought it i thought i best use it in a look just to get the wear out of it. So i pared it with my Asos heels and Romwe crop top. And voila, a cute look for the summer, don't you think?   Sorry about my messy room, cropped most of it out but you can still see my shoe box and open draws. 


  1. Wow! cute outfit! I looks like the colors! blessings in this new year!

  2. Look fab! The skirt and shoes are an awesome combo!