Monday, 9 January 2012

Look Number 10, sorry for the delay. Technical difficulties :(

Got me a new Cheap Monday Satin Tunic, Lovelovelove it. I will definitely be wearing this very often to college. I also went a bit jeweller shopping mad this week buying the chain for the Brazil charm my beautiful friend Joana from Brazil gave me (miss you my love), the cross pendant and my knuckle ring and of course, the feather earrings. Sorry about the lack of posting over the past few days, my laptop charger died and therefore so did my laptop, but, don't fret! I got a new charger and I'm back up and running for more blog fun ;) and so many more looks will be on their way too!
Just finished attempting to buy the leggings of my dreams - Black Milk Clothing's Purple galaxy leggings - but discovered i couldn't afford them for i spend too much of my money :( I'll have to wait 'till Friday - Sigh.