Thursday, 26 January 2012

It was like James Dean, for sure.

Hey Guys! It was an exciting day for me today, went to the Hair Dressers and they want me to be a model for the Keune Tinta Colour Trophy 2012, so they're thinking of making me a lot blonder and shorter with a bold box fringe - maybe a bit of dip dye in there too. I'm pretty excited, if the salon wins they get a chance to be in Vogue Australia and win a trip to Amsterdam! Cant wait for the hair makeover process to start. I'll upload photos of the different stages on here when everything gets going, hope you like! 

Monday, 23 January 2012

I followed Fires to Walk the Sun

Just got my converse in the post today, they are great. First pair i've owned since i was about 12. My new shorts i bought yesterday for my peer support camp that im going on, i never ever have shorts so im glad i got them, they're going to go well with my new hoody that im waiting for :) 

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Blue Lace and Fringing

So this is what i looked a bit like yesterday, got home from work early and decided to pop on this dress - first time wearing it since ive got it!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Sunday, 15 January 2012


So guys, heres some discount codes for one of my fave online shopping sites, Romwe!     
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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Baking in my free time

This week it was my friend Hayley's Birthday and sadly I couldn't go as I had promised to take my mum to see Iron Lady at the Cinema and had already bought the tickets. So Hayley came to my house a couple of days later and I had baked her these amazing gingerbread people which she so marvellously helped me decorate! My faves are the beach buddies gingerbread men in their bikini and speedo's :) 

Pink Sweater

Just got back from work (been working every day so far and will be working every day for the next few weeks) and thought id post a new look as I haven't for a few days. Note to Self : Post more looks. This sweater is SO soft, and its a lovely casual look for everyday. I got paid on Saturday and as usual spent all of my money on clothes, so I'm expecting three parcels of clothes now :) Cant wait!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Look Number 10, sorry for the delay. Technical difficulties :(

Got me a new Cheap Monday Satin Tunic, Lovelovelove it. I will definitely be wearing this very often to college. I also went a bit jeweller shopping mad this week buying the chain for the Brazil charm my beautiful friend Joana from Brazil gave me (miss you my love), the cross pendant and my knuckle ring and of course, the feather earrings. Sorry about the lack of posting over the past few days, my laptop charger died and therefore so did my laptop, but, don't fret! I got a new charger and I'm back up and running for more blog fun ;) and so many more looks will be on their way too!
Just finished attempting to buy the leggings of my dreams - Black Milk Clothing's Purple galaxy leggings - but discovered i couldn't afford them for i spend too much of my money :( I'll have to wait 'till Friday - Sigh. 

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Take me to the beach at sunset

Red Lippy, pleated parka.

I LOVE this look. My beloved coat that i haven't worn for ages due to the hot weather, its not even cold today but i couldn't resist putting it on, makes me miss England even more. Don't get me wrong, i love the sun, but some days i just want to wear a coat. So i got this Warehouse Coat from House Of Fraser in Manchester, and i love its cute pleated details at the back, my scarf, a gift from Amanda my beautiful amiga back in the UK miss her to bits! Red lippy (Rimmel) i bought with Amanda actually, we both got the same one, don't know why, but i am glad i got it ;) hope you like it, if you do please hype it!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Vintage Midi

My new look, i bought this skirt from my local charity store for $4 and i loved it, until i tried it on and my mum went 'oh, no! You look frumpy' - thanks mum. Bought it anyway, and having not worn it since i bought it i thought i best use it in a look just to get the wear out of it. So i pared it with my Asos heels and Romwe crop top. And voila, a cute look for the summer, don't you think?   Sorry about my messy room, cropped most of it out but you can still see my shoe box and open draws. 

Sunday, 1 January 2012

My first look of the new year! Started with the top bun then added my vintage pink and white contrast shirt and my vintage jumper, then my old school skirt ;) Today's been a relaxed day, just lounged around the house watching cake boss and playing the PS3, productive I know. My new years resolution is to get healthy and post most looks to look book and, of course, on here. Happy 2012 everyone!


Black and gold cheetah

I am having a bit of a gold skirt obsession at the moment since i saw one reduced to 12GBP in Topshop, but unfortunately i missed out on the great buy because i left it too long and they sold out of my size! This Michael Kors skirt is to die for! i love the boots and the cheetah print accents too. Ahh, polyvore, you have changed my life, i now come f=home from a long day at work and sit creating looks, most of them i forget to save and get frustrated because i have to start all over again, but oh its a wonderfully fun thing to do - not good for my pocket though, all these beautiful clothes are just calling out for me to buy them. I must resist!