Friday, 3 August 2012

Click me.

I did it, i went for the red hair and this is my first post to show it :) oh and yes thats my dog Monty running around behind me :) haha. Follow me on Lookbook, Facebook and Twitter

Top - StaffbyMaff
Leggings - Romwe
Beanie - Asos

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The xx Crystallised

Hi guys! Sorry it's been a while, but here is a photoshoot I have done recently for Jenna Young (I posted a few photos a while back but here are some more). I love the setting here, its beautiful The Pagoda Lodge has some beautiful old fashioned Romany caravans and some stunning views! I've just started back at school from the holidays and the stress is adding up already, but all the work will pay off in the end and I can not wait to go back to the UK for university :) I am anxiously waiting for thursday (almost there) for the new Black milk Clothing release, I'm a sucker for those leggings and swims, so that I can buy a few new pieces to add to my ever-growing collection! Hope you like the pics and just to say a huge thank you to you beautiful people for following and supporting my blog here are some amazing ROMWE discount coupons :) 

coupon code:HotSummer10
$10 off Coupon on Purchase over $70 on ROMWE,ends on 08/15/2012,only be used once per customer.
coupon code:HotSummer20
$20 off Coupon on Purchase over $110 on ROMWE, ends on 08/15/2012,only be used once per customer.
coupon code:HotSummer30
$30 off Coupon on Purchase over $150 on ROMWE, ends on 08/15/2012,only be used once per customer.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Weddings, the perfect excuse to dress up fabulously!

(I know these shoes arent relavent to weddings (the traditional type anyway) but i love them!

I have recently done a wedding shoot with Jenna Young which was amazing! Felt a little wierd dressing up for an imaginary wedding, but it was great, the dress was beautiful, the venue was beautiful and the hair and make up was absolutely stunning (thank you Laurel Stratford, and Hayley Turner for your great work!) Well here are some sneak peaks of the how the photoshoot went hope you love them as much as I do and hopefully you gain some inspiration from them and the rest of the guide below for your own special day (or maybe just for a particular day that you want to dress up for your own imaginary wedding!) ;) 

Like almost every girl in the world I love dressing up, I love dresses, accessories, bags and of course, high heels. Give me sky high, wedges, prints, animal furs (faux of course) and i'll wear 'em! This is a brilliant guide to what to wear to a wedding provided by and I know you'll love what they have to offer. I sure do! Take a look, indulge and enjoy! loves. 

Fashion Guide: What To Wear To A Wedding?

Summer is finally here and across the country nervous brides are hoping and wishing for some rays of sun on their ‘big day’.
As a guest, the perfect wedding outfit can be difficult to find. While everyone wants to channel their inner glamour diva, you also need to look demure enough for a guest list that includes members of your family.
Whether the nuptials are bohemian beach themed or a more classic, stately home affair, here are some inspirational ideas for your next wedding outfit:

The perfect dress

Spring and summer weddings are all about colour, colour and more colour. So feel free to experiment.
This might mean opting for unusual colour combinations (think tomato red frock with navy blue heels, or maybe a bright pink dress with mint green accessories).
Otherwise you can always have plenty of fun with colour blocking, which creates a stylish and structured look.
The biggest trend of the season is dark blue lace, a style set by the glamorous Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Keep the look classic and accessorise with nude strappy heels. Add a pop of colour with a red corsage.
Florals are always a safe bet for spring and summer weddings, with botanical prints channelling all of the romantic glamour of the 1950s.
If your next wedding is looking to be a more formal affair, then why not embrace the current fashion for 1920s glamour? Thanks to The Great Gatsby, this style is set to make a comeback, so try a floor length ruffled pink gown with ice cool accessories.
Finally, it goes without saying that nobody should try to steal the bride’s glory, so steer clear of white lace on her special day. Also be sure to keep the length of your hem family-appropriate.

Step out in style

A wedding can be a drawn out affair, from the ceremony right through to the final song at the reception. You need to pick shoes that will last the distance and complement the dress you spent so much time selecting.
If you have the stamina, a killer stiletto makes a great statement, but for more bohemian themed weddings with a beach or garden ceremony, classic wedge shoes are a more comfortable option.


Sometimes it’s those little extras that can make a nice outfit spectacular.
Luckily, this season there’s also plenty to choose from, with a range of glamorous clutches, beautiful fascinators and delicate shawls to complement any look.

Saturday, 2 June 2012


Hey guys, Just got back from Auckland this weekend did a little bit of shopping and watched my mum and brother audition for the play Oliver. I bought a woolly coat and some snake print jeans from Lippy and came to the conclusion that my favourite store in NZ is Wildpair, its just got all the types of clothes I love. Its fab. I'll show you some photos of my purchases soon. In the mean time this is what I looked like the other day in Auckland, got a few points and stares due to the amazing Purple Galaxy's from Blackmilk. The shirt is gorgeous and is featured in my romwe product review which i'll show you if i ever manage to get it uploaded. There will be close up photos of all my Romwe products and links to the site in my next post which will let you see them more closely. Its freezing today, and i havent had any cups of tea as we've ran out of teabags, so i'm feeling seriously deprived :( The earrings, ring, shirt are from Romwe, the leggings blackmilk and my socks are from Asos. :) Now i'm off to go hang out some washing, and then hopefully relax and continue reading my book The Man From Beijing by Henning Mankell.

Sunday, 27 May 2012


Hey guys! I recently have been loving the ombre hair trend, and really want to do something new with my hair. I have been experimenting a bit with my hair recently, and although I know its probably not good for my already-damaged-from-bleach hair I just wanted to try out the colours on my hair for minimum cost and easy to washout. So I tried adding yellow food colouring to the ends of my hair, which I've got to admit, looked pretty awesome! It was so bright and bang on the neon trend, but at the same time, it was quite unnoticeable as it isn't a bold colour like red or blue. Right now, I have pink underneath my hair, its a bit rubbish though, I didn't do it properly so its half faded half bright. Oh well, I'll wash it out tomorrow. I'll give you guys a tutorial as how to dip dye your hair with food colouring if you like? Its pretty simple and great if you want a quick hair colour change for a night out. Anyway, I'm thinking that when I next go and get my roots re-bleached, as I'm looking a little odd with black roots and blonde hair, I think I will get a coloured toner - probably pink. Here are some photos I really love. Give me your thoughts on them, you never know, next week I may have the hair that you have chosen!
Thanks for all your lovely comments and support! Halina xx

Monday, 21 May 2012

ROMWE discount codes!

Hola Guapas! Today, because i have a cold, i'm  not going to be posting a look, but don't fret - I am going to make up for it by giving you these wonderful Romwe coupon codes! You can get to the Romwe site by clicking here to redeem these wonderful discounts.
If you are anything like me and just can't resist spending money on beautiful clothes, then these codes will be a god send, allowing for you to save that little bit extra cash to buy the groceries or just save up. Or, these codes could enable you to buy a couple more things without the added guilt of over spending on your budget!
Sometime towards the end of this week i'll hopefully have received my romwe parcel and I will make a video review on the clothes to give you some extra info and added insight into the Romwe store!

Here are the codes:
Coupon code:RomweClearance1 
$10 off Coupon on Purchase over $60 at and only be used once per customer! Free shipping! Start date: 05/19/2012 end date: 06/05/2012.
Coupon code:RomweClearance2 
$15 off Coupon on Purchase over $90 at and only be used once per customer! Free shipping! Start date: 05/19/2012 end date: 06/05/2012.
Coupon code:RomweClearance3 
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Here is another link to

Happy Shopping! 

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Guess What?

Hey guys, today is Sunday and i should be sitting at home doing art painting, art history assessments and an English essay for tomorrow but instead I'm blogging. I think this time its okay though, I owe my blog - and you guys too - a lot more attention at the moment as i've really neglected it for about a month now! And what better start than with a new post and new look for the Guess competition?! I am wearing my Gerard Darel high waisted jeans and top shop sheer blouse, they go so well together and I feel like someone straight out of the 70s. I have been holding back from buying more Black milk leggings this week, I need to wait just a little longer until their new collection at the start of next month. It's killing me! Anyway, when I get my parcel from romwe next week i'm going to do something a bit different, i'm going to be making a 'vlog' on the pieces I bought and give you guys some info and advice on these products. I'm really looking forward to it! Thanks everyone who supports my blog and thank you for all your lovely comments

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Hi guys! This look was inspired by autumn, and to be completely honest I just couldn't wait to create a look using my beautiful coat! Today i've been struggling with writing my speech for school, i've got to perform it on Thursday and I still havent finished writing it. But oh well, I love my topic of fate in Tess of the d'Urbervilles (if you havent read it, read it its wonderful) so i will have plenty to ramble on about. I have recieved some discount codes for ROMWE if you want to use them, its always a great way to save yourself some money whilst buying some great fashions! This week its for shorts Coupon code: SHORTS15%
15% off only for "Shorts" directory on only be used once per customer! Free shipping! Start date: 04/16/2012 end date: 04/30/2012. Click 
here for the Romwe site! Happy shopping :)