Saturday, 31 December 2011

Butterfly baby

Photographer: me :) This is my first photo for my ‘Photo’ page on my blog, hope you like it. Its not much, but the empty page was annoying me so i had to get something on there! I took this about a week ago at Cape Reinga  with my Aunty and Uncle, it was beautiful, so picturesque! Hope you like it!

Thursday, 29 December 2011


I absolutely LOVE christmas, its the best day of the year. I love the snow and the christmas spirit and just the cheerful mood you are in just because its christmas time. So as you can imagine, a summery christmas wasnt the usual christmas for me, and i didnt feel christmassy at all. However we all went to Te Ngaire bay on christmas day, it was SO hot and the sea was beautiful and clear. After a few hours we went home and had a traditional christmas dinner, turkey and lamb with roasties and all the trimmings, it was a perfect day. A christmas to remember. What did you guys do for christmas this year?

Rainbow Falls

Another activity we did whilst my aunty and uncle came over, visiting the Rainbow Falls in Kerikeri. Not such a great day, hence the woolly cardi and the need for an umbrella, but the falls were beautiful none the less.


Im sorry i havent updated my blog recently, so ive got a few new posts coming. Its summer over here in NZ so it is about time i wore my new Maxi from ASOS. I love it!
My Aunty and Uncle from Spain came over for christmas and we went to see more sights than ive ever actually seen in New Zealand since ive lived here. It was great, lovely weather for the beach in Russell. My Aunty took this photo, she got a bit carried away so i had hundreds to choose from.
If you like it, hype it ;)

Thursday, 8 December 2011


This is my third look on, i love love love this dress from ASOS, and i love that the electric blue colour is gorgeous! My shoes, i adore! the pink suede with the clear gradient heel and reflective gold platform add an extra wow to the look (also from ASOS) Jewellery wise, i went for simple multi coloured beads and my rolex. White nails to top it off, i thought it was just a bit different :)
I hope you like my outfit as much as i do, Hype if you like :)Thank you :) <3 xxx