Saturday, 26 November 2011

Country road, take me home...

This is my second look for, I really felt summery today being in the sunny south of the world, and helping my mum in the garden allowed me to gain the starts of what i can call a tan (im white as a sheet most of the year so anything is an improvement). Gone back to my blonde roots though, my experience of New Zealand hair dressers has not been great i have to say, going in asking for a full head of blonde hair, coming out with brown hair with a few blonde streaks, so it was a quick nip to the supermarket to get some hair dye to try sort it. Luckily, it worked, not as blonde as i'd like, but i'm getting there. Well this outfit i just threw together this morning after being excited to wear my new ROMWE top that i just recieved a couple of days ago. I kind of went down a relaxed summer theme for this outfit, with my knicker shorts coming from ASOS just ten pounds and the hat (£6) and sun glasses (£9.50) too. Top from ROMWE and the sleeveless cardigan, i picked this up from a charity shop a couple of days ago. My boots are KG sesame, Kurt Geiger, great for the winter months back home in the UK but i definately need to start wearing them again over here in Sunny NZ. Check out my look book please i hope you like my outfit!

Sunday, 20 November 2011


I don't ever wear bright or bold colours, i usually just stick to muted tones, but with summer on the horizon i thought 'I'll go for it, colour blocking is my next task' and so i did, i got shopping and bought the brightest things i could find.  The pink blazer was my inspiration for this outfit, not yet having found the perfect with dress to go with it and still waiting on my new top from ROMWE in the post, i went for bold colours, falling in love with the orange skirt. So i got ready to go to see Twilight Breaking Dawn with my brother and my friend Georgia and got my brother to take photos of me in my new outfit, i love the range of red tones i used, the orange, purple and pink. All topped off with my beloved KG heels, perfect. Just need some new accessories now.
Blazer: Zara, Shoes: Kurt Geiger, everything else: ASOS.