Monday, 20 May 2013

In the Stairwell

I have had this Romwe jacket for a while now and have been meaning to blog about it since the day it arrived. I love the soft, velvet texture and it looks so beautiful when it glistens in the sunlight. It's the perfect length and it goes with just about everything. In fact, I wear it so often that the seams on the arms have started to undo. On Sunday I stayed by the pool, sunbathing, swimming and reading a book. It's so hot here! What's the weather like where you are? Are you seeing any signs of summer yet?

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Quick Tip - Rub a small amount of baby oil through the lengths of your hair for instant shine! A great, affordable alternative to shine serum. 

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Tutorial: Blue velvet nails

What you will need:

Nail Polish remover
Cotton Wool
Ciate Velvet Manicure set

In the set you get a nail varnish, crushed velvet powder and a small brush. 

Begin by removing any nail polish and excess oil from your nail beds with the nail polish remover.

Apply a single coat of the Ciate nail polish to your nails and leave to dry.

Once dry, apply a second coat to your nails, working a nail at a time. 

On the wet nail, generously sprinkle on the crushed velvet powder. Quick Tip - Put a piece of paper beneath your hand to collect excess powder, making it easier to clean up afterwards and reducing the waste product. 

Once the thick layer of the velvet powder is applied...

...brush off the excess powder. You will be left with slightly furry blue hands after this - nothing a good rinse under the tap wont fix. 

Repeat this process on all of your nails, and then leave to dry for 10 - 15 minutes. The finish that this product achieves means that there is no need for a top coat! 

Final look! 


Ciaté Velvet Manicure 

To create a luxurious velvet effect with a matte finish. 

I was left with soft, velvety nails in a beautiful rich navy blue that was very luxurious. However, this luxury was short lived as the polish easily became dirty, white marks forming easily making the final effect hazy and much unlike the photograph on the box's front. 

The velvet effect was achieved - although on my nail-bitten hands didn't look particularly amazing (I'm sure a long nailed, well manicured hand would do this product a world of wonders). 

The effect didn't last long, plus the varnish was easy to flake off.
If you are impatient, the application process of this look is lengthy and with the 10-15 minute drying time, this product requires perhaps a little too much of your valuable time.

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Thursday, 16 May 2013


Today I wore my Black Milk Clothing Liquid Gold leggings, I love these - honestly, they are so shiny, and fun to wear, and if you haven't got a pair of leggings from Black milk yet go and get some! The jacket you have seen before, it's from Forever21, and although I dont shop there much their clothes are so reasonably priced it's unreal (perfect for those days you have very little money but need a new top or handbag). The shirt is from Romwe (one of my favourite online stores), it's very sheer and has a cool sudded collar with golden studs, a great way to add a hint of 'punk' to any outfit.

I also have a discount deal for all my readers! Romwe has three great "Money Off" deals, perfect for students like me who are looking to save a few bucks! Click here to view their endless range of stylish clothing and if you spend:

over $60 you get $10 off
over $100 you get $20 off

over $150 you get $30 off

Hope you like my look, do you guys have a favourite picture? Do any of you have a favourite pair of leggings from Black Milk Clothing? What is your favourite online site?

Quick Tip - Mush up some avocado and rub it onto your legs for super smooth, soft skin. Leave it on for 15 mins for the best results! 

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

"I'd like to see some real punks here... like street punks!"

"I's like to see some real punks street punks...
They probably weren't invited!"
Grace Coddington, Creative Director at American Vogue. 

“I’d like to see some real punks here… like street punks” - Grace Coddington.  

Real punk, something we all expected from the 2013 “Punk: Chaos to Couture” themed MET Gala, but unfortunately, on some occasions we were left somewhat wanting. Grace Coddington however, in’s latest feature, didn't let the lack of 1970’s Westwood & Mclaren-esque punk get-ups faze her. Instead, ex-model and American Vogue's creative director, just drew… yes, drew… what she wished to see on no other model than your very own furry friend – a sassy, yet feral kitten. 

So, it wasn't just me that was a little disappointed with the outcome of the nights much-awaited outfits, Gwyneth Paltrow, Heidi Klum and Kate Upton amongst the few A-listers that skimped on the "Punk" dress code, opting for the usual on-trend, elegant, red carpet gowns (with not a stud in sight). Luckily, those who did opt for the daring chaos that is punk fashion went all out, leaving us watching (from the comfort of our homes) awestruck and inspired. And with Debby Harry, Vivienne Westwood, and Marky Ramone being the big 'original' punk names on the guest list, there was definitely a lot to live up to.  

One of my personal favourites was Miley Cyrus. Now, love her or hate her, she definitely had a hair-raising moment in that daring Marc Jacobs fishnet dress, teamed perfectly with her punk-rock spiky hair and blood red lips. 

Another celeb that went all out - and it's no surprise - was Madonna. Her not-so-safe, barely-there get-up, was not unexpected, Madge opting for a gorgeous plaid blazer by Givenchy, and very little else - plenty of bling though, but what do you expect from a Material Girl? 

The punk models that graced the red carpet were also stunning - a little less punk a little more glam but still rocking none the less. Cara Delevingne (I'm in love with this girl, alongside every other person on the planet at the moment - What is it about her that we cant get enough of!?) turned heads, not once, not twice but three times in a stellar stud-embellished, floor length black Burberry gown, paired with the perfect smokey eye, and a half head of braided hair. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley showed off her enviable figure in a gorgeous golden number, more Greek goddess than punk rock, but this sexy Gucci dress was definitely a winner. 

But back to  Grace Coddington herself! The witty pics she drew of this adorable kitten featured comments such as "You don't have to spend a whole lot of money to look good - just use one of mother's old dry-cleaning bags... Very Martin Margiela". Coddington's witty suggestions couldn't relate more to the original punk fashion scene, the days of wearing what you want, when you want and when money wasn't an issue (Anyone for a duct-tape dress?). Her sketches show the couture cat making it work in laundry bags and not Haute Couture gowns with hefty price tags... yet that high end influence is definitely there! 

Maybe punk is about rebelling - so Heidi Klum perhaps you're punk statement was the fact that you defied the rules.. And maybe, fashion is a little punk, whether floral, fleecy, lacey or leather, it's all about defying what was once written and coming up with new, fresh ideas right? Or perhaps Coddington has nailed it, just do whatever the hell you want and call it fashion, someone is sure to love it, and you never know, maybe you'll start a trend.. 

What do you guys think? What would you class as punk? Which look is your favourite? 


Quick Tip - For curly lashes that last, heat up your eyelash curlers with your hair dryer for a few seconds before curling (make sure you don't overheat!)

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Monday, 13 May 2013

13/05/2013 MS MR - Fantasy


Hi Guys, this is what I look like today! I love my cigarette pants from Zara, they are such a classic, staple piece for everyone's wardrobe. They are super versatile and go with absolutely everything - I honestly swear by them! I paired the black pants with fuchsia wedges from Office, a mint green sheer shirt from Forever 21 and my favourite hot-pink blazer from Zara.
I'm also wearing my new Prada sunglasses, I'll post detail photos of them in another blog post soon! I love them! I got them last week and I haven't taken them off since (those who follow my instagram know this!) Anyway, this week has been not very eventful, I have basically just stayed home and caught up on a load of Vampire Diaries episodes, I love that show. The weather here, well, I'll let you guess... Yes, it's hot, hot, hot! And it's getting hotter as we head towards the summer months, I cant believe I'm saying this but it wont be long until I am longing for the cool summer weather of England (yes, I am even looking forward to those miserable rainy days).
What are your plans this summer?

Quick tip - Vaseline is honestly a miracle worker in the beauty world - try it as a lip gloss, moisturiser, or even as a mascara to add a natural sparkle to those lashes!

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